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Arrival for care or examination

Assess the care you have received on this visit
5 = I agree completely - 1 = I disagree completely
54321Does not relate to me

I received care or an appointment for examination fast enough

I received sufficient instructions prior to arriving for care or examination

I received care or examination according to the schedule without unnecessary waiting

I received individual service during the care or examination

The care or examination went smoothly

I felt safe during the care or examination

My closest relatives and family were taken into consideration to a sufficient degree

Confidentiality was followed in matters concerning my care or examination

Decisions concerning my care were made in cooperation with me

My pain and symptoms were treated sufficiently

The staff treated me well

I received enough information during the care or examination

The information I received about the care or examination was understandable

The care or examination was realized professionally

I received help from the care or examination

The care or service I received was good

The premises were comfortable

I received good care instructions for home

I know how my care proceeds hereafter

I received clear instructions whom to contact, if necessary

I received service in my mother tongue

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